6 Myths and Facts about Hair Extensions


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You’ve probably heard plenty of misinformation about hair extensions. Everyone will be able to tell. You’ll go bald. You’ll turn into a pumpkin at midnight. Okay, so maybe the last one is a stretch.

Still, sometimes it seems like there are more rumors swirling about extensions than about the Kardashians! It’s about time we reveal what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to hair extensions.

Myth: Your Hair Will Stop Growing

Fact: Your hair will continue to grow normally with extensions. Your extensions won’t affect hair growth in any way. In fact, extensions are a great way to smooth out that awkward transition period when growing short hair long.

Myth: Everyone Will Laugh Because They Can See Your Extensions

Fact: When extensions are done by an experienced stylist, they are placed into your hair in a way that makes them impossible to detect. A good stylist will know how to arrange and cut your extensions in a way that seamlessly blends them into your natural hair. That means you’ll be the envy — and decidedly not the laughing stock — of the town.

Myth and Fact: You Won’t Be Able to Use Brushes

Fact: Actually, you will be able to brush your hair. However, this one has a kernel of truth to it in that you can only use soft-bristle brushes. Brushes like Mason and Pearson will let you brush from your roots through your entire hair without harming your natural hair or extensions.

Myth: You Can’t Ever Leave the House Again

Fact: You pay good money for beautiful, long, sexy locks and then you’re basically sentenced to house arrest? That would be a cruel fate indeed! Fortunately, this rumor is totally false. If you like to swim, you should know that your extensions will look as stunning wet as they do dry. Your hair sweaty, the wind blowing through your, swimming pools, and the rain will have no effect on professional hair extensions.

Myth and Fact: Extensions Can Damage Your Natural Hair

Extensions put in by a trained stylist will not harm your natural hair. This is one of the many reasons to make sure you pick a quality stylist. Hair damage may occur from a hair stylist not skilled in hair extension insertion or the failure of proper post procedure hair maintenance.

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