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Hair Color and Highlights

At Bell’ Arte Studio,  we make it part of our mission to be unlike any other hair salon, because we believe that your hair color is more than just a simple tint application. Our stylists see your hair like a piece of art and an opportunity to customize your look using permanent or semi-permanent hair color. We guarantee to offer the very best hair coloring service available in Tampa whether you are looking to enhance your hair color or if you are looking for a totally new look using highlights and low lights.

About Our Hair Color Services

We take hair coloring to a whole different level by constantly using innovative hair coloring techniques and offering a wide range of services, such as:

  • Single Process
  • Partial and Full Highlights
  • Foliage or Bayalage
  • Ombre
  • Color Correction

We rely on the Goldwell hair color system to provide you with the best shine and coverage.

Hair Color Information

We know that completely changing your look can be scary. For this reason, we’ve made it a point to explain your coloring options at Bell’ Arte Studio. By utilizing organic-ammonia Free Hair Coloring products at Bell’ Arte Hair Studio, we are proud to offer our clients the best organic hair color and ammonia-free products on the market for a safer and healthier color service. Mastey and Goldwell Nectaya are among the best organic and ammonia-free hair coloring systems. The price for organic-ammonia free hair coloring starts at $65.

You may be asking, what is Foliage or Bayalage Hair Color Highlights?

This was founded by the French, Bayalage highlights is the Hair Coloring Technique of painting free handed streaks onto selected strands of hair. This application wears well on Naturally Weavy hair or Curly hair. The finished effect is a rich shimmering soft tone and perfectly random High Lights.


From $65 and up

What is a Single Process Color?

This type of hair coloring application covers gray hair and matches new growth to the existing hair color whether it is natural or previously dyed. Single process color prices start at $65.

What are “Bayalage” Hair Highlights?

Bayalage highlights are streaks painted free handed directly onto selected strands of hair. This application wears well on naturally wavy hair or curly hair. The final look is a rich, shimmering soft tone and blended random highlights. Bayalage color prices begin at $65.

What is Ombre Hair Coloring?

Ombre is a hair coloring technique where hair is gradually highlighted to achieve a blonder tone on the ends. For a bolder statement, the roots are darkened with an intense brown tone. Ombre hair color pricing starts at $95.

Partial and Full Highlights

At Bell’ Arte Studio, we don’t use harsh bleach (light blue cream) to lift your hair. We have adopted a gentle and innovative system to achieve the blonde color you desire without damaging your locks. Whether you want several soft honey streaks or platinum blonde highlights all over, we can do it without over processing or stripping your hair. Partial highlights are for clients who are interested in just a few accent pieces to frame their face or peek-a-boo throughout their hair. Full hair highlights are for clients who want an allover blonde effect. The cost for partial highlights start at $65 and the cost for full highlights start at $95 (half and full head).