global keratin treatment

Global Keratin Treatment

If you are wondering, “What Is a Keratin Treatment”? It’s is a procedure that will bring damaged, brittle and frizzy hair back to it’s original smooth and silky texture by replacing the protein that it is lacking by way of protein injections. For this reason, your hair will be much easier to manage. However, it is very important to understand that keratin is more of a hair strengthener as opposed to a hair straightener. If you are looking to permanently change the pattern and texture of your hair, then you should consider Japanese straightening treatments.


How Long Does a Global Keratin Treatment Last?

If you follow our hair stylist’s advise of the proper hair maintenance after your visit, it can last up to 6 months. Most non-salon products can contain a large number of alcohols and sulfates, so it’s important to ask your hair stylist of any suggestions as to what products to use after your visit. Our hair stylists are trained not only to provide the best service but to give you the best post procedure advise so your hair treatments lasts as long as possible.


At Bell’ Arte Studio, we only offer the very best hair products for our services available because we want our clients to have the very best experience at the time of service, as well at 4-6 months after the treatment.


• Coppola – $185
• Global – $150
• The Best From GK (formaldehyde free) – $180


Brazilian Blow Out

Brazilian blowouts take a little less time because they consist less keratin than traditional keratin treatments. Therefore, Brazilian Blow outs much more convenient for clients looking for that quick hair fix. Furthermore, as long as you maintain your hair as recommended by our hair stylist, it can last up to 8 weeks!


From  $70.00


Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese Hair Straightening is a permanent hair straightening system which is meant to permanently straighten your hair, thus eliminating the need for a flat iron. Could you imagine never having to use a flat iron again? This would be extremely convenient and definitely worth the value of the service. However, it is important to point out that because of the chemicals that are required for the treatment, the procedure does take a fair amount of time from beginning to end, so make sure to schedule for a day that you are free.


Chi Straightening From $350
Retouch straightening From $200

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