Ouidad Styling

Certified Ouidad Hair Cuts & Ouidad Styling

Anyone with curly hair knows how finicky those locks can be when it comes to hair styling. Whether you’re looking to break out of the straightening routine or simply want effortless curls, our Ouidad-certified stylists know how to create a cut that works with your hair’s unique shape and structure.


What Is Quidad Styling?

Ouidad Styling is both a process and a person. Known as the Queen of Curl, this renowned stylist created a series of techniques and products designed specifically for curly hair, all of which have revolutionized the way we treat your waves. Her methods are taught all over the world, and we’re proud to be certified in the specialty.


How Ouidad Hair Cuts Works?

Ouidad is all about cutting the hair at the curl pattern’s curve to define and sculpt without creating any unwanted bulk. Not only does this unique technique permit curls to align like pieces of a puzzle – which keeps them from getting messy or obscured – but it also results in bouncy, healthy and seriously manageable hair.

Can Anyone Try It?

If your hair is curly or wavy, Ouidad styling is definitely for you. Our hair experts at Bell’ Arte Hair Studio are highly trained and knowledgeable in the actual structure of curls, so we’re able to create a customized cut that’s worthy of any  Paris runway.

How Long Does Ouidad Styling Last?

Ouidad Hair cuts need maintenance like any others hairstyles. Depending on your hair texture, this could mean four weeks or two months, but you’ll likely find that the growing-out phase isn’t nearly as frustrating as it’s been in the past. Plus, because the technique sculpts your curls and trims away weight, the dreaded pyramid shape won’t return quite as quickly. Talk to your stylist at Bell’ Arte Studio about the maintenance schedule.